He’s Not Prepared for A Relationship. Will He Previously Change?

Reader Question:

This man and I also have now been chatting for around three years. We’ve never been in a relationship but have been romantic on several occasions.

Not long ago I planned to pursue a commitment. The guy got mad at myself and informed me he isn’t ready. He stopped talking to me for a few days. We informed him providing our very own friendship will last, a relationship isn’t important.

Do you really believe he can ever alter? Can I hold out for him?

-Shakia (Massachusetts)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Shakia,

He will probably perhaps not alter should you decide remain similar. All his needs are being fulfilled here. He’s got no reason to enter a romantic union if he can get all the benefits hookup with womenout having to dedicate.

He also tested you by cutting-off communication for a few weeks. And you also emerged running returning to maintain the old, unfulfilling relationship.

My information: simply tell him obviously when he’s prepared to have an actual, dedicated, romantic relationship, the guy should contact you, but before this, you’re unavailable.

Then don’t get weakened and allow him draw you back to the existing system. No texting. No contacting. No Facebook stalking.

My hunch so is this is not necessarily the man for you, but this relationship is actually somehow keeping you from satisfying a truly fantastic man.

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