My Boyfriend Keeps Making Me. Is He Leaning Toward a Breakup?

Reader Question:

My date is 21 I am also 19. We met through work and keep working collectively. As soon as we tend to be together, our commitment is excellent.

We were busy with work and our lives but made plans that people would go out. He ran into a friend and kept me holding. We remaining him a note stating that I didn’t appreciate him making midconversation.

I really don’t like getting the nagging the girlfriend, but this is simply not initially he has done this. I inquired if I actually was his girlfriend or some one of ease. He replied without any doubt, “obviously perhaps not, you might be my girlfriend.”

How come the guy hold leaving me personally holding instead of downright cancelling the programs? Is actually he only going for their me/guy time, or perhaps is he bending toward a breakup?

-Natasha P. (Arizona)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Relationships tend to be a common trade of attention. Causing you to be “hanging” is not providing you the treatment or regard that you deserve. Speak to him about his behavior. End up being clear you will not consistently put up with their flaky inconsistency, when the guy can it once more, breakup with him.

You happen to be younger and will not need skilled the love of a nurturing, trustworthy date. That type of guy exists and you also are obligated to pay it to yourself to make yourself open to him.

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